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Cartoons about
Theodore Roosevelt

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T.R. in Verse & Sonnet

by Russell J. Wilbur

The Teddysee
by Wallace Irwin

The original humorous long poem loosely based on The Odyssey and other Greek mythology.

The Teddysee
by Otho Cushing

A book of caricatures organized loosely around Homer’s Odyssey consisting of 11 books or sections: Infancy, Youth, San Juan, Glorification, Inauguration, Temptation, Arbitration, Prevarication, Incantation, Iteration, Apotheosis. This is a panegyric about T.R.'s lifelong crusade for civil service reform and good government.

The Adventures
of Theodore

A Humorous Extravaganza as Related by Jim Higgers to One of the Rough Writers

T.R. labeled the corps of writers assigned to cover his exploits as "The Rough Writers", a moniker that invariably led to many parodies and humorous panegyrics such as Jim Higger's classic.

The Book of Ted

or Roosevelt and the railroads in scripture by Frank Alister Murray

According to its author, this panegyric is “a satirical summary – more or less biblical, but not bilious – of recent large events in the financial world, especially those bearing directly on the railroad problem.”

Hail To The Chief

by D. Watson

Panegyric from 1906 set to the tune of the official presidential march.

Jungle Jangle

by Peter Newell

Panegyric from 1909 lampooning T.R.

for his safari trip to Africa.

Peace Conference

by Wallace Irwin

Panegyric lampooning T.R.

and the Portsmouth Peace Conference.

The Ballad of
Sagamore Hill

by Wallace Irwin

Panegyric lampooning T.R.

and the Portsmouth Peace Conference.

Julius Seizer

by Wallace Irwin

Lampoon of the Shakespeare play

Perishable Goods

by Wallace Irwin

Lampoon of Hero Worship

Theodorus Gunpowder

by Jack Norman

Welcome Home

A Dinner to Theodore Roosevelt

June 22, 1910

at Sherry's in New York

A Tribute in Rhyme

by William W. Peavyhouse

A Banker from Hazard, Kentucky


My Policies in Jungleland

by Fletcher C. Ransom

Lampoon of T.R.'s expedition to Africa from 1910

When Theodore is King

by Viter Strikeshoulder

Lampoon of T.R.'s imperialist tendencies from 1909

Through the
Outlooking Glass

by Simeon Strunsky

The Roosevelt
That I Know

Ten Years of Boxing
With The President

by Michael Joseph Donovan F.H.N.

Inductee, International Boxing Hall of Fame

Nursery Rhymes
For Infant Industries

An Alphabet of Joyous Trusts

by Frederick Opper

Poets' Tributes
To Theodore Roosevelt

American Review of Reviews
July 1909

Various Poets