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Editorials and Articles Written by Theodore Roosevelt

From The Century, Scribner's, Metropolitan, Outlook, McClure's, Atlantic Monthly, and other Magazines and Newspapers

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Month Day Year Publication Title/Subject File Name
10-October 17 1879 Harvard Advocate Fall Meeting of the Athletic Association hrv3
12-December 11 1884 Forest & Stream Letter to the Editor about Chimney Butte Ranch f&s3
04-April 1 1885 Century Phases of State Legislation c1
10-October 1 1885 North American Review The President's Policy nar1
02-February 1 1886 Lend A Hand Red and White On The Border lend1
03-March 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 1 out1
04-April 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 2 out2
05-May 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 3 out3
06-June 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 4 out4
07-July 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 5 out5
07-July 1 1886 Century Cross Country Riding in America c2
08-August 1 1886 Outing Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West - Part 6 out6
11-November 1 1886 Century Machine Politics in New York City c3
12-December 15 1887 Forest & Stream Letter to the Editor about Big Game in Dakota f&s4
02-February 1 1888 North American Review Remarks on Balloting and Copyright in "Notes" nar5
02-February 1 1888 Century The Ranch Life in the Far West c18
03-March 1 1888 Century The Home Ranch c19
04-April 1 1888 Century The Round Up c20
05-May 1 1888 Century Sheriff's Work On A Ranch c22
11-November 1 1888 Eclectic Some Recent Criticism of America eclec1
11-November 22 1888 Independent The Merit System Demanded i7
03-March 1 1889 Political Science Quarterly Review of Book: American Commonwealth psq1
04-April 11 1889 Forest & Stream Letter to the Editor about Hunting in Yellowstone by Indians f&s1
12-December 1 1889 St. Nicholas Buffalo Hunting stnick1
02-February 1 1890 Century The Merit System vs The Patronage System c4
08-August 1 1890 North American Review "Professionalism" In Sports nar2
08-August 16 1890 Harper's Bazaar Review of Book "Following The Guidon" harpb1
09-September 6 1890 Critic On Walter Howe critic1
10-October 1 1890 Atlantic Monthly Review of Mahan's "The Influence of Sea Power upon History" am6
01-January 1 1891 Chautauquan Andrew Jackson chq2
02-February 1 1891 Atlantic Monthly Object Lesson in Civil Service Reform am2
06-June 1 1891 Century Gettysburg and Waterloo c5
05-May 1 1892 Cosmopolitan The Merit System in Government Appointments cosmo3
07-July 1 1892 Atlantic Monthly Political Assessments in the Coming Campaign am3
08-August 11 1892 Independent The Foreign Policy of President Harrison i5
09-September 1 1892 Century An Elk Hunt at Two-Ocean Pass c23
10-October 1 1892 Harvard Advocate Foot-Ball at Other Colleges hrv1
10-October 1 1892 Harvard Advocate Harvard Men in Politics hrv2
12-December 1 1892 Cosmopolitan A Colonial Survival cosmo1
01-January 1 1893 Liber Scriptorum A Shot At A Bull Elk liber1
02-February 1 1893 Chautauquan Civil Service Reform chq1
03-March 25 1893 Critic Poems of Gun and Rod critic2
05-May 1 1893 Century Indians Who Deserve Pensions c6
06-June 1 1893 Century In Cowboy Land c21
06-June 22 1893 Youth's Companion Tales Told by a Ranch Fireside - Wolfish Marauders yc1
07-July 13 1893 Youth's Companion Tales Told by a Ranch Fireside - A Man Killing Bear yc2
08-August 1 1893 Forum Big Game Disappearing in the West f4
08-August 31 1893 Youth's Companion Tales Told by a Ranch Fireside - A Mysterious Enemy yc3
03-March 1 1894 Political Science Quarterly Review of Books by Admiral Mahan psq2
04-April 1 1894 Forum What Americanism Means f3
05-May 1 1894 Century The Common Sense of Civil Service Reform c7
07-July 1 1894 Forum Manly Virtues and Practical Politics f5
08-August 1 1894 Atlantic Monthly The College Graduate and Public Life am4
08-August 1 1894 Sewanee Review National Life and Character sewan1
12-December 1 1894 Forest & Stream Letter to the Editor about Game Trophies for Sportsmen's Exhibition f&s2
01-January 1 1895 Travel Hunting in the Cattle Country trv1
02-February 1 1895 Century A Plan To Save The Forests c8
02-February 1 1895 Atlantic Monthly The Present State of Civil Service Reform am5
02-February 1 1895 Forum American Ideals f7
05-May 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: Daniel Boone & The Founding of Kentucky stnick2
06-June 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: George Rogers Clark and The Conquest of the Northwest stnick3
07-July 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: King's Mountain stnick4
07-July 1 1895 North American Review Degeneration and Evolution: II. Kidd's "Social Evolution" nar3
07-July 25 1895 Independent The Police and The Saloons i6
08-August 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: Cruise of The Wasp stnick5
09-September 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: Remember The Alamo stnick6
09-September 1 1895 Forum The Enforcement of Law f1
10-October 1 1895 St. Nicholas Hero Tales from American History: Lt. Cushing and The Ram Albermarle stnick7
10-October 1 1895 McClure's Closing the New York Saloons on Sunday mcc4
11-November 1 1895 Century The Issues of 1896: A Republican View c9
11-November 1 1895 Cosmopolitan Taking the New York Police Out Of Politics cosmo2
12-December 1 1895 Forum Thomas Brackett Reed & The Fifty-First Congress f2
12-December 21 1895 Outlook The Higher Life of American Cities o151
02-February 1 1896 Harper's New Monthly St. Clair's Defeat hnm1
02-February 1 1896 Bookman An Introduction to American Literature book1
03-March 1 1896 Bachelor of Arts The Monroe Doctrine bach1
04-April 1 1896 Harper's New Monthly Mad Anthony Wayne's Victory hnm2
09-September 1 1896 American Review of Reviews The Three Vice-Presidential Candidates and What They Represent aror1
01-January 1 1897 Forum The Law of Civilization and Decay f6
01-January 1 1897 American Review of Reviews How Not To Better Social Conditions aror3
06-June 1 1897 Munsey's The Ethnology of the Police muns1
09-September 1 1897 Atlantic Monthly Administering the New York Police Force am1
10-October 1 1897 Century The Roll of Honor of The New York Police c12
01-January 1 1898 Gunton's The Need of a Navy gunt1
01-January 1 1898 American Review of Reviews The Rebuilt Navy of The United States aror2
04-April 1 1898 Century Fights Between Ironclads c10
12-December 1 1898 North American Review The Reorganization of the Naval Personnel: II. The Genesis of the Personnel Bill nar4
01-January 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: Raising the Regiment scrib11
02-February 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: To Cuba scrib12
03-March 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: General Young's Fight at Las Guasimas scrib13
04-April 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: The Cavalry at Santiago scrib14
05-May 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: In The Trenches scrib15
06-June 1 1899 Scribner's The Rough Riders: The Return Home scrib16
06-June 3 1899 Outlook Among The High Hills o152
10-October 1 1899 McClure's Admiral Dewey mcc1
10-October 1 1899 Chautauquan The Gospel of Intelligent Work chq3
11-November 1 1899 Century Military Preparedness and Unpreparedness c16
12-December 1 1899 Introductions & Forewords The Fifth Corps at Santiago: contribution to book by Fitzhugh Lee titled "Cuba's Struggle Against Spain" intro1
12-December 16 1899 Outlook Army Reforms: A Letter from Governor Roosevelt o153
12-December 21 1899 Independent Expansion and Peace i1
01-January 1 1900 Century Fellow-Feeling As A Political Factor c14
03-March 17 1900 Churchman The Best & The Good church1
03-March 31 1900 Outlook Character & Success o207
05-May 1 1900 St. Nicholas What We Can Expect of The American Boy stnick8
05-May 12 1900 Outlook Eighth and Ninth Commandments in Politics o104
06-June 1 1900 Century Latitude and Longitude Among Reformers c15
07-July 28 1900 Outlook Promise and Performance o103
10-October 1 1900 Century Civic Helpfulness c13
03-March 1 1901 McClure's Reform Through Social Work mcc2
03-March 1 1901 Outing The Need of Trained Observation out7
04-April 18 1901 Youth's Companion The Essence of Heroism yc4
05-May 31 1901 Introductions & Forewords Camera Shots at Big Game by A.G. Wallihan intro11
08-August 1 1901 Introductions & Forewords Governor William H. Taft intro20
08-August 15 1901 Watchman The Bible and Character watch1
09-September 21 1901 Outlook The First Civil Governor o76
09-September 21 1901 Introductions & Forewords The First Civil Governor intro19
10-October 1 1901 Scribner's With The Cougar Hounds: First Paper scrib8
11-November 1 1901 Scribner's With The Cougar Hounds: Second Paper scrib9
02-February 18 1902 New York Times Decision in Detail regarding blockade of Santiago de Cuba during Spanish American War nyt8
02-February 20 1902 Youth's Companion The New Citizen yc5
11-November 6 1902 Youth's Companion The Presidency yc6
11-November 26 1902 New York Times Greetings to Samoan Chiefs on becoming U.S. Protectorate nyt9
02-February 15 1904 Introductions & Forewords Foreword to the First Edition of "The Master of Game" intro33
03-March 1 1904 Critic The Mission of the Republican Party critic3
08-August 27 1904 Forest & Stream Wilderness Reserves f&s5
09-September 3 1904 Forest & Stream Wilderness Reserves f&s6
09-September 22 1905 Introductions & Forewords The Writings of Abraham Lincoln edited by Arthur Brooks Lapsley intro12
10-October 1 1905 Scribner's A Colorado Bear Hunt scrib10
10-October 12 1905 Outlook Children of The Night o102
11-November 1 1905 Scribner's A Wolf Hunt in Oklahoma scrib42
12-December 1 1905 Introductions & Forewords Wild Wings by Herbert Keightley Job intro13
04-April 7 1906 Introductions & Forewords The Administration of an Institutional Church by Hodges and Reichert intro8
10-October 1 1906 Introductions & Forewords The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis intro16
01-January 1 1907 Introductions & Forewords The Indian's Book by Natalie Curtis intro37
01-January 1 1907 Century Ancient Irish Sagas c11
04-April 1 1907 Sewanee Review Robert E. Lee and The Nation sewan2
04-April 15 1907 Introductions & Forewords Arbor Day History by Robert Haven Schauffler intro24
05-May 23 1907 Introductions & Forewords African Nature Notes and Reminiscences intro26
05-May 25 1907 Outlook The Next Step for Peace o154
06-June 1 1907 Everybody's Interview about "Nature Fakirs" with Edward Clark e1
09-September 1 1907 Introductions & Forewords The Mongols: A History by Jeremiah Curtin intro30
10-October 1 1907 Scribner's Small Country Neighbors scrib7
10-October 1 1907 Pearson's An Appreciation of the Art of Frederic Remington p1
11-November 1 1907 Cosmopolitan Theodore Roosevelt - By Himself cosmo4
01-January 1 1908 Scribner's In The Louisiana Canebrakes scrib6
08-August 22 1908 Outlook Grover Cleveland and The Coal Strike o155
09-September 8 1908 Introductions & Forewords Introduction letter to "Neglected Neighbors" by Charles Frederick Weller intro35
10-October 24 1908 Outlook Is America Indifferent to the Philippines? o156
11-November 28 1908 Outlook The Awakening of China o157
12-December 1 1908 Good Housekeeping Our Children's Education gh1
12-December 1 1908 Everybody's Getting Christmas Dinner On A Ranch e2
12-December 19 1908 Introductions & Forewords Captain Bill McDonald: Texas Ranger by Albert Bigelow Paine intro23
01-January 23 1909 Outlook National Character and the Characters of National Statemen o158
03-March 6 1909 Outlook By Way of Welcome o23
03-March 6 1909 Outlook Why I Believe In The Kind of American Journalism for which The Outlook stands for o24
03-March 13 1909 Outlook A Judicial Experience o46
03-March 20 1909 Outlook A Scientific Expedition o71
03-March 20 1909 Outlook Where We Cannot Work With Socialists o72
03-March 27 1909 Outlook Where We Can Work With The Socialists o90
04-April 10 1909 Outlook Quack Cure Alls for the Body Politic o38
04-April 28 1909 Christian Observer The Power Of The Home chob1
05-May 8 1909 Outlook The Japanese Question o32
05-May 15 1909 Outlook Tolstoy o54
06-June 5 1909 Outlook A Southerner's View of the South o17
06-June 19 1909 Outlook Thraldom of Names o67
07-July 17 1909 Outlook Give Me Neither Poverty Nor Riches o61
10-October 1 1909 Scribner's African Game Trails: A Railroad Through the Pleistocene scrib30
11-November 1 1909 Scribner's African Game Trails: On an East African Ranch - Lion-Hunting On The Kapiti Plains scrib31
12-December 1 1909 Scribner's African Game Trails: On Safari: Rhinos and Giraffes scrib32
01-January 1 1910 Introductions & Forewords The Philippines by Mrs. Campbell Dauncey intro31
01-January 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: Juja Farm; Hippo and Leopard scrib33
02-February 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: A Buffalo Hunt Near The Kamiti scrib34
03-March 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: Trekking Through The Thirst Of The Sotik scrib35
03-March 12 1910 Introductions & Forewords The North Pole book by Peary intro2
04-April 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: Hunting in the Sotik scrib36
04-April 2 1910 Outlook Mr. Roosevelt and The Outlook o4
04-April 9 1910 Outlook The Vatican Incident o33
04-April 30 1910 Outlook The Pigskin Library o95
05-May 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: To Lake Naivasha scrib37
06-June 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: Elephant Hunting on Mount Kenia scrib38
06-June 4 1910 Outlook The Negro in America o13
07-July 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: The Guaso Nyero: A River of the Equatorial Desert scrib39
07-July 2 1910 Outlook Management of Small States Which Are Unable To Manage Themselves o5
07-July 2 1910 Outlook To The Outlook's Readers o6
07-July 9 1910 Outlook Governor Hughes, The Legislature, and Primary Reform o35
07-July 16 1910 Outlook The Recent Prize Fight o56
07-July 30 1910 Outlook Leonard Wood o97
08-August 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: A Nandi Lion Hunt - Uganda and the Great Nyanza Lakes scrib40
08-August 6 1910 Outlook A Remedy for Some Forms of Selfish Legislation o20
08-August 27 1910 Outlook Rural Life o87
09-September 1 1910 Scribner's African Game Trails: The Great Rhinoceros of the Lado scrib41
09-September 3 1910 Outlook Mendacious Journalism o159
09-September 3 1910 Outlook The Progressives, Past and Present o160
09-September 10 1910 Outlook The Pioneer Spirit and American Problems o161
09-September 17 1910 Outlook The Tariff: A Moral Issue o162
09-September 24 1910 Outlook Criticism Of The Courts o163
10-October 15 1910 Outlook A Fight For Clean Government and Popular Rule o164
10-October 29 1910 Outlook Senator Dolliver o165
11-November 5 1910 Outlook The Loss of a Great Public Servant o166
12-December 24 1910 Outlook The Coal Miner At Home o167
12-December 31 1910 Outlook A Christmas In Mid-Africa o168
01-January 1 1911 Introductions & Forewords Poems and Dramas of George Cabot Lodge intro14
01-January 1 1911 National Geographic Wild Man and Wild Beast in Africa natgeo1
01-January 7 1911 Outlook International Neighborliness o27
01-January 14 1911 Outlook Nationalism and Progress o48
01-January 21 1911 Outlook Nationalism and Popular Rule o74
01-January 28 1911 Outlook Nationalism and Special Privilege o93
02-February 4 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Working Man o12
02-February 11 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Working Woman o40
02-February 18 1911 Outlook A Noteworthy Project in Higher Education o63
02-February 24 1911 Introductions & Forewords Lassoing Wild Animals in Africa intro25
02-February 25 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Judiciary o83
03-March 4 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Judiciary o14
03-March 11 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Judiciary o41
03-March 18 1911 Outlook Nationalism and The Judiciary o64
03-March 25 1911 Outlook Nationalism and Democracy o84
04-April 1 1911 Outlook Nationalism and International Relations o1
04-April 8 1911 Outlook Race Decadence o30
04-April 8 1911 Outlook Education: How Old The New o169
04-April 15 1911 Outlook Applied Ethics in Journalism o51
04-April 20 1911 Introductions & Forewords Along the Andes and Down The Amazon intro29
04-April 22 1911 Outlook The American Worker in Country and Town: I. A Visit To The Tenements o170
05-May 6 1911 Outlook Murder is Murder o25
05-May 13 1911 Outlook Workmen's Compensation o47
05-May 20 1911 Outlook Arbitration Treaty with Great Britain o73
05-May 27 1911 Outlook Wisconsin: An Object Lesson for the Rest of The Union o91
05-May 27 1911 Outlook The Bible and the Life of The People o171
06-June 3 1911 Outlook Standard Oil Decision and After o11
06-June 17 1911 Outlook Mr Gompers, General Otis, and the Dynamite Charges o62
06-June 24 1911 Outlook Arizona and the Recall of The Judiciary o82
07-July 1 1911 Outlook Rider Haggard & The Salvation Army o2
07-July 8 1911 Outlook The Administration of The Canal o31
07-July 15 1911 Outlook Cause of Decency o52
07-July 22 1911 Outlook Alaska Must Be Developed o77
07-July 29 1911 Outlook Oxford and Kansas o94
07-July 29 1911 Outlook The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century o172
08-August 5 1911 Outlook Labor Unions and Class Consciousness o16
08-August 12 1911 Outlook Alaska Again o42
08-August 19 1911 Outlook Steel Corporation and Panic of 1907 o66
08-August 26 1911 Outlook Dante and The Bowery o86
09-September 2 1911 Outlook How Not To Get Self Government o8
09-September 9 1911 Outlook The Peace of Righteousness o37
09-September 16 1911 Outlook Hunter Naturalist in Europe and Africa o58
09-September 23 1911 Outlook People of the Pacific Coast o80
09-September 30 1911 Outlook Our Neighbors The Ancients o100
10-October 7 1911 Outlook How the United States Acquired the Right to Dig the Panama Canal o28
10-October 14 1911 Outlook A Proper Case for Arbitration o49
10-October 21 1911 Outlook Commercialism, Hysteria, and Homicide o75
11-November 4 1911 Outlook Arbitration Pretense and Reality o15
11-November 11 1911 Outlook Applied Good Citizenship o173
11-November 18 1911 Outlook The Trusts, The People, and The Square Deal o65
11-November 25 1911 Outlook Lynching and the Miscarriage of Justice o85
12-December 2 1911 Outlook The Search for Truth in a Reverent Spirit o174
12-December 9 1911 Outlook American Hunter-Naturalist o34
12-December 16 1911 Outlook Murder is Murder o55
12-December 16 1911 Outlook The Irish Players o208
12-December 23 1911 Outlook The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood o175
12-December 30 1911 Outlook Russian Treaty: Arbitration and Hypocrisy o96
01-January 1 1912 Introductions & Forewords The Wisconsin Idea by Charles McCarthy intro4
01-January 6 1912 Outlook Judges and Progress o21
01-January 13 1912 Outlook Productive Scholarship o44
01-January 20 1912 Outlook The Junior Republic o69
01-January 27 1912 Outlook The Church and The People o88
02-February 3 1912 Outlook Women's Rights o10
02-February 17 1912 Outlook A Phase of Industrial Justice o60
03-March 2 1912 Outlook Court of The Children o7
03-March 9 1912 Outlook Do You Believe In the Rule of the People? o36
03-March 16 1912 Outlook Conservation of Business o57
03-March 23 1912 Outlook Right of the People To Rule o78
03-March 30 1912 Outlook Short Political Creed o98
04-April 6 1912 Outlook Politics and The Post Office o19
04-April 20 1912 Outlook Welfare of the Farmer o68
06-June 1 1912 Outlook Rank and File o3
06-June 15 1912 Outlook Naked Issue of Right and Wrong o53
07-July 1 1912 Introductions & Forewords Majority Rule and The Judiciary by William L. Ransom intro9
07-July 6 1912 Outlook Mr. Taft's Majority o22
07-July 13 1912 Outlook Though Shalt Not Steal o45
07-July 20 1912 Outlook Two Phases of the Chicago Convention o70
07-July 27 1912 Outlook Platform Insincerity o89
08-August 3 1912 Outlook Sauce for the Goose and the Gander o9
08-August 10 1912 Outlook Progressive Democracy: The Right of the People To Rule o39
08-August 17 1912 Outlook Progressive Democracy: People and The Courts o59
08-August 24 1912 Outlook Progressives and The Colored Man o81
08-August 31 1912 Outlook Judges, Lawyers, and The People o101
09-September 7 1912 Outlook Progressive Democracy: Country Life and Conservation o29
09-September 14 1912 Outlook Progressive Democracy: The Tariff o50
09-September 21 1912 Outlook The Taft-Wilson Trust Programme o176
09-September 28 1912 Outlook The Minimum Wage o177
10-October 5 1912 Outlook Progressive Democracy: The High Cost of Living o18
10-October 12 1912 Outlook How I Became A Progressive o43
10-October 24 1912 Independent The Progressive Party's Appeal i4
11-November 23 1912 Outlook Story of The Balkans o79
11-November 30 1912 Outlook Three Capital Books of The Wilderness o99
12-December 7 1912 Outlook Recreations of a Productive Scholar o26
12-December 28 1912 Outlook Head Hunters and Hull House o92
01-January 1 1913 Introductions & Forewords Hunting The Elephant In Africa intro27
01-January 1 1913 Introductions & Forewords Hunting The Elephant in Africa by Captain C.H. Stigand intro6
01-January 18 1913 Outlook An Achievement for Humanity o178
02-February 22 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Boyhood and Youth o179
03-March 1 1913 Academy of P&S Sciences The New Penology aaapss1
03-March 1 1913 Outlook Is Polar Exploration Worthwhile? o180
03-March 15 1913 Outlook The Constructive Quarterly o181
03-March 22 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The Vigor of Life o182
03-March 29 1913 Outlook A Layman's View of an Art Exhibition o183
04-April 5 1913 Outlook The Ohio Floods: Can Such Calamities Be Prevented? o184
04-April 26 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Practical Politics o185
05-May 10 1913 Outlook The High School and The College o140
05-May 17 1913 Outlook Herbert Ward's Gift to the Smithsonian o141
05-May 24 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: In Cowboy Land o186
05-May 31 1913 Outlook Problems of Power o142
06-June 14 1913 Outlook A Disagreeable Duty o187
06-June 28 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Applied Idealism o188
06-June 28 1913 Outlook Announcement: T.R. Goes To South America and will write dispatches for Outlook o143
07-July 5 1913 Outlook The Living Wage and The Living Rate o147
07-July 12 1913 Outlook Two Issues: Direct Primaries and Judges of the Right Type o189
07-July 19 1913 Outlook The Country Church o144
07-July 26 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The New York Police o190
08-August 2 1913 Outlook Good Citizenship o145
08-August 23 1913 Outlook The Salvation Army o146
08-August 23 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The War of America The Unready o191
09-September 1 1913 Scribner's Life History of the African Lion scrib26
09-September 12 1913 Introductions & Forewords The Progressive Movement: Its Principles and Programmes by S.J. Duncan Clark intro3
09-September 27 1913 Outlook A Premium on Race Suicide o192
09-September 27 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The New York Governorship o193
09-September 19 1913 Introductions & Forewords African Adventures Stories by J. Alden Loring intro22
10-October 1 1913 Scribner's Life History of the African Elephant scrib27
10-October 1 1913 Century The Progressive Party c17
10-October 4 1913 Outlook A Cougar Hunt On The Rim of The Grand Canyon o194
10-October 11 1913 Outlook Across The Navajo Desert o195
10-October 18 1913 Outlook The Hopi Snake Dance o196
10-October 25 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Outdoors and Indoors o197
11-November 1 1913 Outlook American Internationalism o148
11-November 1 1913 Boy's Life About Man Eating Lions byl5
11-November 1 1913 Scribner's Life History of the African Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus scrib28
11-November 8 1913 Outlook Character and Civilization o149
11-November 15 1913 Outlook Democratic Ideals o150
11-November 22 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The Presidency, Making an Old Party Progressive o198
11-November 29 1913 Outlook Steaming Southward o199
12-December 1 1913 Introductions & Forewords Hungary's Fight For National Existence by Ladislas Baron Hengelmuller intro18
12-December 1 1913 Scribner's Life History of the African Buffalo, Giant Eland, and Common Eland scrib29
12-December 1 1913 Boy's Life Appeal To The American Boy byl1
12-December 6 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The Monroe Doctrine and The Panama Canal o200
12-December 13 1913 Outlook An Ancient Brazilian City o201
12-December 20 1913 Outlook Rio de Janeiro o202
12-December 27 1913 Outlook Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: The Peace of Righteousness o203
01-January 3 1914 Outlook Twisted Eugenics o125
01-January 10 1914 Outlook Women in Science o126
01-January 24 1914 Outlook In Rio de Janeiro o127
01-January 31 1914 Outlook Sao Paulo: An Old City that is Carving New Ways o128
02-February 7 1914 Outlook In Southern Brazil o129
02-February 14 1914 Outlook In Southernmost Brazil o130
02-February 21 1914 Outlook Brazil and the Negro o131
02-February 28 1914 Outlook Montevideo o132
03-March 14 1914 Outlook South America and The Monroe Doctrine o133
03-March 21 1914 Outlook Chile and The Monroe Doctrine o134
03-March 28 1914 Outlook In The Argentine: The Army Sport o136
04-April 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: Up The Paraguay scrib17
04-April 4 1914 Outlook Buenos Aires: A Fine Modern Capital o135
04-April 11 1914 Outlook In The Argentine: The Ranch Country; A Trading City; Sub-Tropical Argentine o137
04-April 18 1914 Outlook On The Way To The Andes o138
04-April 25 1914 Outlook In Chile o139
05-May 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: A Jaguar-Hunt On The Taquary scrib18
05-May 23 1914 Outlook From Ox Cart to Motor Car in the Andes o118
05-May 30 1914 Outlook Good-By to Argentina o119
06-June 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: The Headwaters of The Paraguay scrib19
06-June 6 1914 Outlook Jacob Riis o120
06-June 6 1914 Introductions & Forewords The Making of An American by Jacob Riis intro5
06-June 6 1914 Outlook Glimpses of Paraguay o121
07-July 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: Up The River of Tapirs scrib21
07-July 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: The Unknown River: A Preliminary Statement of its Discovery and Exploration scrib20
08-August 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: Through the Highland Wilderness of Western Brazil scrib22
08-August 1 1914 Outlook Women and the New York Constitutional Convention o122
08-August 8 1914 Outlook The Right of the People to Review Judge-Made Law o123
08-August 22 1914 Outlook The Foreign Policy of the United States o124
09-September 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: With A Mule-Train Across Nhambiquara Land scrib23
09-September 23 1914 Outlook The World War: Its Tragedies and Its Lessons o117
09-September 27 1914 New York Times What America Should Learn From The War nyt11
10-October 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: The River of Doubt scrib24
10-October 4 1914 New York Times The Danger of Making Unwise Peace Treaties nyt3
10-October 11 1914 New York Times Ultimate Causes of The War nyt12
10-October 18 1914 New York Times How To Strive for World Peace nyt10
11-November 1 1914 Scribner's A Hunter Naturalist in the Brazilian Wilderness: Down and Unknown River Into The Equatorial Forest scrib25
11-November 1 1914 New York Times The Peace of Righteousness nyt7
11-November 8 1914 New York Times The International Posse Comitatus nyt4
11-November 15 1914 New York Times Preparedness Without Militarism nyt5
11-November 18 1914 Outlook Two Noteworthy Books on Democracy o116
11-November 22 1914 New York Times The Navy as a Peacemaker nyt1
11-November 29 1914 New York Times Our Course in the Light of War's Lessons nyt6
12-December 6 1914 New York Times Our Responsibility in Mexico nyt2
01-January 1 1915 Boy's Life A Message To All The Boy Scouts of America byl2
01-January 4 1915 Independent Utopia or Hell i3
01-January 6 1915 Outlook John Muir: An Appreciation o113
01-January 13 1915 Outlook Admiral Mahan: A Great Public Servant o114
01-January 20 1915 Outlook The Conservation of Wild Life o115
02-February 1 1915 Metropolitan The Panama Blackmail Treaty m31
03-March 1 1915 Metropolitan The Japanese in Korea m32
04-April 1 1915 Metropolitan When Is An American Not An American m26
06-June 1 1915 Metropolitan Murder on the High Seas m34
07-July 1 1915 Metropolitan Americanization Day m1
07-July 1 1915 New York Times A League for Preparedness nyt15
08-August 1 1915 Metropolitan Peace Insurance By Preparedness Against War m27
09-September 1 1915 Metropolitan Encourage Business and Control It m28
09-September 15 1915 Outlook Introduction to the essay: "With The American Ambulance in France" o112
10-October 1 1915 Metropolitan International Duty and Hyphenated Americanism m29
11-November 1 1915 Metropolitan Uncle Sam's Only Friend Is Uncle Sam m9
12-December 1 1915 Harvard Advocate Review of W.R. Thayer's book "Life of John Hay" hrv4
12-December 7 1915 New York Times Criticism of the President's Message nyt16
01-January 1 1916 Metropolitan A Shadow Program m23
01-January 1 1916 Introductions & Forewords Book of the Homeless edited by Edith Wharton intro7
01-January 1 1916 Introductions & Forewords Appreciation letter as Introduction to "They of the High Trails" by Hamlin Garland intro36
02-February 1 1916 Metropolitan America First - A Phase or a Fact? m33
02-February 1 1916 National Geographic How Old Is Man? natgeo2
02-February 1 1916 Scribner's A Curious Experience scrib4
03-March 1 1916 Scribner's The Bird Refuges of Louisiana scrib5
03-March 1 1916 Metropolitan Fear God and Take Your Own Part m30
05-May 1 1916 Metropolitan The Parasite Woman: The Only Indispensable Citizen m4
05-May 22 1916 Independent No Pigtail for Uncle Sam i2
06-June 14 1916 Outlook Kitchener as a Civilizer o111
07-July 1 1916 Scribner's Remembrance of Richard Harding Davis scrib3
08-August 10 1916 Introductions & Forewords Varia Africana varia1
08-August 14 1916 Introductions & Forewords The Purple Land by W.H. Hudson intro21
08-August 28 1916 Introductions & Forewords Booker T. Washington by Scott and Stowe intro32
10-October 25 1916 Outlook America Needs Hughes o110
10-October 30 1916 Introductions & Forewords Preface letter to "Viagens e Cacadas em Matto-Grosso" intro34
11-November 1 1916 Metropolitan Dollar, Dove, and Vulture m24
12-December 10 1916 Introductions & Forewords Tropical Wild Life In British Guiana by William Beebe intro15
01-January 1 1917 Introductions & Forewords Foreward to book by Herman Bernstein titled "The Willy-Nicky Letters" intro38
01-January 1 1917 Scribner's A Naturalists' Tropical Laboratory scrib1
01-January 5 1917 Science Productive Scientific Scholarship 763
02-February 1 1917 Scribner's Where The Steady Trade-Winds Blow scrib2
02-February 14 1917 Outlook The Dawn and Sunrise of History o204
03-March 7 1917 Outlook Frederick Courteney Selous o205
05-May 1 1917 Metropolitan The Brotherly Court of Philadelphia m25
05-May 1 1917 Introductions & Forewords For France intro10
06-June 1 1917 Metropolitan Liberal Russia m19
07-July 1 1917 Metropolitan The Peace of Victory For Which We Strive m22
07-July 18 1917 Outlook Beveridge's Life of Marshall o206
08-August 1 1917 Metropolitan Correspondence of Theodore Roosevelt and the Secretary of War m35
09-September 5 1917 Outlook Roger Allier o109
09-September 1 1917 Metropolitan Must We Be Brayed In A Mortar Before Our Folly Depart From Us? m5
10-October 1 1917 Metropolitan Birth Control - From The Positive Side m13
10-October 1 1917 Boy's Life Boy Scouts: You've Made The Team byl3
11-November 1 1917 Metropolitan A Permanent Training Policy m14
12-December 1 1917 Metropolitan The German Kaiser and The German People m18
01-January 1 1918 Metropolitan Put The War Through m16
01-January 16 1918 Outlook The Origin and Evolution of Life: A Notice of Henry Fairfield Osborn's Book o105
02-February 1 1918 Metropolitan The Countrymen of Muhlenberg and Custer m17
02-February 3 1918 Introductions & Forewords A Prophecy of The War by Lewis Einstein intro17
03-March 1 1918 Metropolitan Service and Self Respect m3
04-April 1 1918 Metropolitan A Visit To The East Side m15
05-May 1 1918 Metropolitan Lincoln and Free Speech m20
05-May 29 1918 Outlook Captain Hugh Knyvett: An Australian Galahad o209
06-June 1 1918 Metropolitan Parlor Bolshevism m21
07-July 1 1918 Metropolitan Don't Spread Patriotism Too Thin m2
08-August 15 1918 Introductions & Forewords When We Were Little: Children's Rhymes of Oyster Bay by Mary Fanny Youngs intro28
09-September 18 1918 Outlook Bolshevism and Applied Anti-Bolshevism o106
10-October 1 1918 Metropolitan The Men Who Pay With Their Bodies for Their Soul's Desire m12
10-October 2 1918 Outlook The Development of The United States o107
10-October 13 1918 New York Times Book Review of William Beebe's "Jungle Peace" nyt13
11-November 6 1918 Outlook The Wild Animals of North America o108
12-December 1 1918 Metropolitan The Romanoff Scylla and The Bolshevist Charybdis m10
01-January 1 1919 Metropolitan The League of Nations m11
01-January 1 1919 The Mother's Book The Good Mother mother1
02-February 1 1919 Metropolitan Eyes To The Front m6
03-March 1 1919 Metropolitan The Last Editorial: Bring The Fighting Men Home m7
03-March 1 1919 Boy's Life Memorial Resolution of the Boy Scouts of America byl4
10-October 1 1919 Metropolitan The Great Adventure m8
11-November 30 1919 New York Times What The Japanese Have Stood For In The World War nyt14