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Theodore Roosevelt

Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt

Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army

Born on Monday, April 9, 1894 in Washington, D.C.     -     Died on Saturday, October 13, 1979 in Palm Springs, Florida

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Archie was the fifth child of T.R. and Edith.

Only soldier in U.S. history to be declared 100% disabled for the same wound (knee) in two different wars (WWI and WWII).

Awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, two Silver Stars with Oak Leaf Cluster, and Croix de Guerre.

Married to Grace Lockwood on April 14, 1917 at Emmanuel Church in Boston, Mass.

Four Children: Archibald Jr., Theodora, Nancy, and Edith.

Attended Phillips Academy, Andover, Evans School for Boys, and Harvard.

Founder of the National Economy League and Roosevelt & Cross.

Member of the John Birch Society.

When T.R. died, Archie telegraphed his siblings with the immortal quote: "The old lion is dead."

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Quick Facts

Nicknamed "Archikins", this fifth child of President Roosevelt was a distinguished commander
of U.S. forces in both World War I and II.

During WWII, Archie's bravery at the head of a joint American-Australian Infantry division earned him
the distinction of naming a key battleground as "Roosevelt Ridge".

After World War II, Archie worked as an executive of the Sinclair Oil Company, and worked at
the brokerage firm of Roosevelt & Cross.

One of the few non-alcoholics to sit on the Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Archie also associated
with extreme right wing groups such as the John Birch Society, and took great offense at the
anti-Vietnam protests of the 1960's. Archie also founded the Veritas Foundation which sought to purge presumed socialist influences at Harvard and other educational institutions.

In 1971, Grace was killed in an automobile accident where Archie was the driver. Inconsolable, Archie introverted
himself at his home in Hobe Sound, Florida, where he died from a stroke in 1979 at the age of 85.

Family of Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt

Wife:               Grace Lockwood Roosevelt (1893–1971)

Son:                Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt, Jr. (1918–1990)

Daughter:     Theodora Roosevelt (1919-2008)

Daughter:     Nancy Dabney Roosevelt (1923)

Daughter:     Edith Kermit Roosevelt (1927-2003)

Archie was named for his great-great-great grandfather on his father's side, Archibald Bulloch,
a patriot of the American Revolution.

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