• - Assumes the Presidency after William McKinley is shot
  • - Administered the Oath of Office at Wilcox Mansion near Buffalo, New York
  • - Invites Booker T. Washington to dine at the White House
  • - Northern Securities Ltd. incorporated in New Jersey
  • - Hay-Pauncefote Treaty clears the way for an interoceanic canal
  • - T.R. appoints Pat Garrett, slayer of Billy the Kid, as Customs Collector of El Paso, Texas
  • - Isthmian Canal Commission, appointed by President McKinley, recommends Nicaraguan canal route
  • - Reprimand of Gen. Nelson Miles for criticizing the President's Philippine Independence programme
  • - Delivers First Annual Message to Congress; first presidential message to yield paperbound offprints










  • - Writes "Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood", the precursor for national legislation protecting women's labor rights and proscribing child labor
  • - Announces candidacy for the Republican Presidential Nomination; declares himself "Strong as a Bull Moose"
  • - Progressive Party formed; TR defects from Republican Party; nominated for President by Progressives
  • - Shot at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by John Schrank
  • - Woodrow Wilson defeats Roosevelt and Taft in Presidential election of 1912
  • - Wins libel suit against George S. Newett
  • - On her maiden voyage, the Titanic sinks off the coast of Newfoundland; one of the casualties is Archibald Butt, military aide to President Roosevelt

  • - Leaves for exploration of the River of Doubt in the Amazon
  • - Federal Reserve System begins operating
  • - 16th Amendment to the Constitution passed into law;
    permits collection of personal income taxes
1914 through 1918

  • - Begins exploration of Rio Duvida in the Amazons; river later renamed Rio Roosevelt
  • - Panama Canal officially opened
  • - TR issues statement on Lusitania sinking
  • - Federal Trade Commission begins operations
  • - Nominated again for the Progressive Presidential ticket
  • - Withdraws nomination to support Hughes
  • - U.S. National Park Service created
  • - Offers to help in World War I effort by forming Volunteer Division; rebuked by Woodrow Wilson
  • - President Woodrow Wilson issues his 14 Point plan for a lasting peace; a similar plan for the establishment of an international diplomatic organization was proposed by TR when he was President